High Precision Platform Solutions for Hazardous Areas

Does your company have bench scales installed in hazardous areas? Phillips Scales offers bench scales by Mettler-Toledo that rated for both Zone 1/21 Division 1 and Zone 2/22 Division 2  environments.

Anywhere you find a hazardous area, At Phillips Scales, our experience and knowledge of hazardous area (Ex) solutions count. With the largest range of Ex weighing solutions on the market we are confident that we can offer the right solution for your need.

We understand that in potentially explosive certified areas the need for safe, accurate and reliable weigh-ing is not reduced. That’s why we have built the most extensive range of products certified for hazardous areas.

These are not only designed to fulfill the latest safety legislation but also designed to perform to the same weighing accuracy standards that are found in non hazardous areas. Our extensive range of intrinsically safe terminals provide high speed process control for automated processes or multiple scale and ERP integration for manual or semi manual processes.

Choose from a range of compact, bench, floor and custom scales as well as load cells and vehicle scales up to 400 tons. Our products offer the flexibility of mobile battery operation and/or fixed, power supplies and enclosures. We serve global customers on a worldwide base with the largest sales and service network in our industry. Our sales and service organizations around the globe ensure that we have factory-trained, experienced, and dedicated specialists serving our customers.

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