Phillips Scales is a full service distributor based in Anchorage and we serve Alaska statewide.  We strive to anticipate the needs of our customers and ensure we have reasonable inventory of  scale supplies for our core industrial scale products along with a full compliment of parts and hardware.

Additionally, our technician are consistently updating their training and certifications to keep pace with the various manufactures we represent.  Sure, you might see a lower listed price on the internet from unknown source in the lower-48 but after you pay for shipping and lose production time, you are starting to lose money.

Call us today for your no-charge consultation and we can help you get back on track and start improving your bottom line.


Regardless of your application, you can use software to manage your weighing data and gain better process control. We have trained technicians that can determine solutions for your needs based on the application software is designed for specific applications, from formulation control to vehicle weighing. We can also customize most of our software to match your application. Software can document your process for compliance and audit purposes and can help you ensure product consistency. It also can free up labor for other tasks while helping you control inventory.


Label-related defects are the most common cause of product recalls, and also happen to be the most preventable. Once a product is on a retailer’s shelf, labels are a manufacturer’s only line of communication with the consumer, so the label needs to be complete and properly located. A label that is correctly positioned without rips, folds or other imperfections helps improve a product’s first impression – and can mean all the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.


You expect optimal performance and reliable operation of your equipment at all times. When there is an issue, you need replacement parts fast. Over the years we have made an effort to inventory popular replacement parts which makes same day delivery anywhere in Southcentral possible.

Replacing broken or malfunctioning components with original manufacturer’s spare parts extends the life of your measurement equipment, ensuring peak performance. Call Phillips Scales today to keep you up and running!


Now, current owners of METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scales have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this performance by upgrading their load cell system. Special retrofit hardware allows any existing METTLER TOLEDO vehicle scale to accept the most state-of-the-art weighing technology.

Get the performance of a brand new high-end scale for a fraction of the cost with a POWERCELL PDX upgrade. There are many reasons why hundreds of scale owners are upgrading to POWERCELL PDX each year.