Floor Scale Procurement Made Easy
Solutions for Every Application

Phillips Scales offers a wide variety of heavy duty scales, from industrial floor scales to mobile and heavy duty weighing scales for any industrial environment. Our heavy duty scale offering is known for industry leading accuracy and reliability, in your tough industrial environments.

At Phillips Scales and Mettler Toledo, we know the needs of every industry are different, which is why the PFA5 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We have taken the pain out of the floor scale configuration process by creating an easy-to-order, globally standardized set of components that can easily be mixed-and-matched to formulate your ideal scale.

  • Actively Guiding Operators to Improved Performance
    Lack of visibility around a scale, time pressure or force of habit – can all be factors that lead to inaccurate placement of a load on a scale. The center placement feature of PowerDeck ensures that this error is realized and directs an operator on how to correct.
  • Single Scale for Industry Leading Precision
    With the introduction of POWERCELL technology in to floor scales, a new level of accuracy is now possible from a single scale. In addition, proactive alerts and monitoring mean errors are detected and corrected early, before they lead to waste.
  • Designed to Thrive in Harsh Conditions
    Constant break-fixes can be a real strain on your facilities production and maintenance budget, PowerDeck aims to combat this issue. Eliminating the junction box means the most common cause of floor scale failure has also been eliminated.
  • From Operations to Finance, True Operations Visibility
    With proactive alerts warning of shock loading, debris and extreme temperatures – operators can correct potentially harmful conditions before they cause weighing errors.

Chemical and Hazardous Environments

For chemical and hazardous manufacturing environments, corrosive materials and safety are top concerns. Maximize uptime and compliance to new hazardous area standards.


For food manufacturing environments, productivity and hygiene are key. Heavy wash-down and temperature changes can lead to high maintenance costs.

General Manufacturing

Heavy duty applications require the toughest scale. Forklift traffic, heavy loads, and forceful impacts create havoc with sensitive measurement devices.

PowerDeck has solved the most common floor scale problems and turned your weighing equipment into a key point of information gathering in your bulk production line. Stay ahead of your competition, with the next generation of floor scale technology – PowerDeck.

PowerDeckTM vs. Standard Analog Scale

In tough industry applications, not only do you have the challenge to improve efficiency but also need to avoid defective products. In daily weighing activities, analog floor scales do not have the capability to warn you of possible errors. METTLER TOLEDO’s new generation floor scale Powerdeck™ delivers Real-Time Operator Guidance to help you operate floor scale efficiently and without errors.

Top 4 Reasons to Choose Powerdeck™

Powerdeck™ digital floor scales offer the following key improvements over dated analog technology:

  1. Real-Time Operator Guidance
  2. A Rugged & Precise Platform
  3. Reduced Cost to Maintain
  4. Improved Visability & Diagnostics