Having your scale or measurement device calibrated at Phillips Scales provides you with a reliable, accurate and cost-effective means to ensure your equipment is operating at its best, that it is calibrated to exacting industry standards and is done so by highly trained, factory personnel.
Calibration of weights, means determining its exact mass, which is done by comparisons between reference and test weights. The OIML give clear guidelines not how the calibration must done and which factors must be taken in consideration to calculate this exact mass.

Weight calibration is an intensive and accurate process, which is likely to become even more important as more industries performing routine tests of there weighing equipment to improve there processes, herewith reducing quality issues, thus saving money.

We have are implementing a new program of reflecting our scheduled PM dates in various areas throughout the State of Alaska. Take advantage of discounted PM and calibration fees by contracting your PM’s in advance based on our scheduled participation in your area.