About Phillips Scales and the History



The Phillips Scales business name comes from a man named Brick Phillips who serviced the fishing industry from the early 50’s out of the Seattle Old Seattle Seafood PhotoArea. He later expanded his region and traveled North with the Fishing fleet out of Seattle. So the business was centered in Seattle and covered all the northwest.  Later, into Alaska he would travel with the boats and fleets as they moved north in the spring and would return to Seattle last in the fall after all the fishing was complete. Brick’s  major ports were Ketchikan, Wrangell, Sitka, Petersburg, Juneau , Cordova and Valdez.


In later years his son Red Phillips joined the business. They both would travel and fix all the fishing scales at any port they were needed and where ever a Seattle Base seafood company would call on them. Sometime in the 80’s they expanded and set up a shop in the Anchorage area and started to service other industries such as the truck, gravel and aviation business.

Both Red and Brick were loved by the fishing establishments. It is said they kept a whiskey bottle in all ports and would work with the fisherman by day and drink all night. Still today, at every major show, someone will bring up the good ole days of Red and Brick Phillips.


In the early 1990’s,  they joined partnership with Gary Minor –  a man who had Mettler Toledo experience and Gary  bought into Phillips Scales. Mr. Minor became the Sales Manager and is the man who brought the large business of the truck scales to Phillips Scales in the late 90’s and the after 2000.


Truck on the Alcan HighwayIn 2004, Red Phillips passed away from a variety of ailments. Gary Minor then sold all the Phillips Scales to Mettler Toledo. The estate of the Brick and Red Phillips along with Gary Minor sold out all stock to the major factory of Mettler Toledo.  In 2004 when Mettler Toledo took over Seattle, Portland and the entire  Alaska territory, they ran it similar to all other locations in the US which is a central dispatch center. All orders would go to Columbus, Ohio and they send out a technician for what ever type of service call.

From 2004 to present, Mettler Toledo has been very successful with the Seattle and the Portland branches. Currently called Mettler Toledo Northwest, this division does very well and has a large customer base in Washington and Oregon


In 2009, the market was suffering and they were losing money on the Alaska business. They also has lost most of the fishing market as they no longer pursued this industry in the way the Phillips Scales had done in the past.

Kurt Burroughs shaking hands with Jeff Andrioff, VP of US Marketing for Mettler Toledo as Doug Korb, Western Regional Sales Manager looks on. February, 2014

Phillips Scales was bought by Kurt Burroughs  and he has owned and operated the business until present. With a complete overhaul of their inventory management and accounting systems, Phillips Scales has seen tremendous growth since 2010 and with a continued commitment to training and building relationships will all of their key suppliers, once again Phillips Scales looks to be the primary supplier of industrial scales and service in Alaska.

Major market force is the aggregate and truck scale business but we are committed to getting out and servicing the fishing industry Alaska statewide once again.


After a vibrant year in truck scales, Phillips Scales will be bringing additional focus to the retail marketplace with labels, retail wrappers and other full service scale and software solutions.



We moved! 1119 E. 70th Street….just around the corner from our previous location.

Major Markets that Phillips Scales Services and Supports

  • Retail markets- grocery stores, postal hubs and large box stores. Automation and deli scale s- WiFi and PC systems.
  • Truck scales, hopper and tank scales to the aggregrate and construction trades
  • Fishing Industry- hanging scales, crane scales, stainless-steel floor scales, bench scales, automated conveyor scales 
  • Petroleum-use truck scales, hopper tank units, floor scales and laboratory scales 
  • Transportation and shipping, truck scales, floor scales, pallet truck , forklift and bench portable scales 
  • Mining- truck scales, floor scales, hopper tank and many bench scales